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TESTIMONIALS What others say about us

"I decided to do my advanced course because I wanted to further my skills as a diver. I chose 5 adventure dives all suited to enhance my diving abilities. I improved on techniques I had learnt on my junior open water. I feel now my knowledge of diving is greater and more refined thanks to my advanced course. I found the instructors very reasurring as I was only 15 years old and a nervous diver at the time. I found David very patient and calm, which helped me relax and overcome my fears, which made my course a very enjoyable experience. I now plan to go on and do my rescue course with Clubsub."

Ashleigh Whilock, Stoke-on-Trent

"After completing a dive taster session on holiday open water was the next logical step for me. I booked with Clubsub as they offered the best course for what I wanted to achieve. Open water was a brilliant course to complete, Dave is a very patient instructor who coaches you through each skill involved in the open water course, taking as long as you need. I have now gone on to complete my advanced diving course with the club and fully intend to complete my rescue diver. "

Victoria Platt, Stoke-on-Trent

"The reason I decided to do the PPB course was because my buoyancy sometimes was a bit on the ropey side. It taught me how to do a proper weight test by using the correct weights allowing me to float at eye level, to descend slowly and controlled, to hover mid water, streamline my position, and my breathing plus save on air by breathing in to rise and out to descend. All this makes diving so much easier plus my confidence has grown. I still have to practice my techniques but I would recommend this to anyone who just needs a little help. My instructor on my course was Andrea who was very good, she made the course very enjoyable and made me feel at ease."

Rita Walton, Stoke-on-Trent