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2016 PHOTO CONTEST Let the battle begins!

Welcome To The Monthly Photo Contest!

Here at Clubsub we are huge fans of good photography and videography, so we are going to be running a monthly contest for a feature on the website. 

Here above is last months winner:

Each months contest will also be awarded with a prize; this months prize is: 

Each month email the photo or video under an enquiry and include a following catagory for a chance t win. The vatrious catagories are:

  • Big game (larger fish)
  • Critters! (small fish and crustations)
  • Landscape
  • Cold Water
  • Warm water

The Photo or video must be sent to us via email which is davidn@clubsub.net. The competition is drawn at the 5th of each month and will be annouced via our monthly email bulletin. The winning photos will be shown and set in our gallery section of the website.