Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Dive computer special Offer

Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Dive computer special Offer

Oceanic Pro Plus special offer 20% Off

The Pro Plus 3 is a large scale, easy to read console style dive computer with hose air integration and is ideal for the diver that struggles to clearly see the screens of smaller computers during a dive. The Pro Plus 3 comes with many other great features including the Oceanic Dual Algorithm, SmartGlo backlight, optional deep stop, switchable between three gas mixes, optional PC/Mac interface and has a clear analogue compass for navigation.

The Pro Plus 3 is configured to provide the traditional functions of a triple gauge console with pressure and depth information displayed on the digital screen and the analogue compass providing navigation. The computer is fitted with a quick disconnect for storage or removal between dives for security and reference.

The Oceanic Dual Algorithm technology allows the diver to choose between two different decompression models before a dive to maximise bottom time or adjust the computer to closely mimic the profile of another brand that a buddy may be using. The two algorithms (Pelagic DSAT and Pelagic Z+) are optimised to provide the best bottom time for different types of diving without compromising diver safety:

  • Pelagic DSAT is the model that the PADI RDP table and the vast majority of other dive computers are based upon. It is perfect for repetitive, multi-level diving that you’d experience on a liveaboard or other diving holiday and provides consist dive times through the trip.
  • Pelagic Z+ gives divers the option of maximising dive time at depth, safely give more bottom time at the deepest point on one-off dives. Using this model for repetitive, multi-level dives will result in a steady loss of dive time on subsequent dives

Each algorithm can be modified by adjusting the conservatism factor for a safer or more liberal dive profile.

Even though the Pro Plus 3 is a hose air integrated dive computer it still supports the use of different gas mixes that can be switch to during the dive for extended range diving and accelerated decompression. Three separate air or nitrox mixes of up to 100% oxygen can be used.

The Pro Plus 3 dive computer can be used with an optional interface cable to allow dive information and profiles to be transferred to a PC or Mac for storing, printing or referring to. That isn’t the only use of the interface software though. It can also allow settings to be changed and uploaded to the dive computer as well as firmware updates to be downloaded from the internet and directly installed without the need to take the unit back to a dealer. Firmware updates can include anything from menu or code refinements to the additional of features and functions.

An Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Dive Computer that is bought and registered in the UK is covered by a Lifetime warranty that protects the original owner against manufacturing defects and faults for the entire life of the computer. To maintain the cover we only ask that the unit is serviced annually by an authorised dealer or service centre who will update your service record. A free battery service kit will be provided to the service centre so you will only need to pay for the labour cost of the service. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Lifetime Warranty page


  • Largest, easiest-to-read display available – anywhere.
  • Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption
  • Dual Algorithm
  • Custom alarms
  • Quick disconnect
  • SmartGlo Backlighting
  • Fresh water and salt water calibrations
  • Three gases – nitrox up to 100%
  • Optional Deep stop
  • Adjustable safety stop settings
  • Log saves detailed dive data for last 50 dives
  • Data Retention – maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed

Posted on May 23, 2015 by David Normington - Director.

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